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Armoni Brooks’ shooting is something the Rockets desperately need

Houston signed the sniper to a 4-year deal. They need his shooting.

LA Clippers v Houston Rockets Photo by Robert Seale/NBAE via Getty Images

The Houston Rockets, as reported by several outlets, have signed Armoni Brooks' to a four-year deal with the first year fully guaranteed.

Brooks went undrafted in the 2019 draft before joining the Washington Wizards Summer League team. Next, he signed with the Hawks but was cut before the season started. He then joined the Hawks G-League team, the College Park Skyhawks. Next, the former University of Houston Cougar signed with the Rattlers of the Candian Elite Basketball League but never played there because of the Covid shutdown.

Brooks would finally make his way to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, which is the G-League affiliate of the Rockets. In 15 games, Brooks showcased his shooting skills by leading the G-League in three-pointers made while still shooting 37.5 percent. That caught the eye of the Rockets, who signed him on April 3 of 2021, to a two-way contract.

Why? The Houston Rockets need Brooks’ shooting

Last year Brooks played 20 games for the Rockets, as they had a revolving door of players come in and out all season. However, Brooks again showed why scouts before the draft said his shooting was his best asset. Last year, Brooks finished fourth on the team in three-point shooting percentage on the second-most three-pointers taken a game at .382 percent.

This is significant because out of the three players that finished better last year from deep, two are on different teams and D.J. Augustin is not a high-volume shooter off the bench. Also, because the Rockets were 28th in shots from the arc last year, that, of course, is not where you want to be in today's NBA.

The preseason shooting hasn't been much better so far. The Rockets are shooting a little above 35 percent as a team from deep. If you put that against teams last year, the Rockets would still be bottom 10 in the league from three-point range. The best shooter from deep so far this preseason is, you guessed it, Armoni Brooks.

Brooks is 9-16 from three-point range, shooting a blistering .562 from beyond the arc (Eric Gordon shooting .667 on only three attempts). Brooks hasn't had much playing time so far, only playing 40 total minutes in three games, which makes his 9-16 shooting even more impressive.

Brooks needs to be in the rotation as we advance deeper into the season because the Rockets lack shooting. They lacked shooting last year, and two of their best shooters are no longer on the team. Brooks has room to improve, specifically on defense, but shooting is always in style in today's NBA, and Brooks is the most stylish (when it comes to shooting) player the Rockets have on the roster.