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Gerald Green retires, joins Rockets staff

After 12-years, Gerald Green is retiring from the NBA and will join player development.

2020-2021 Houston Rockets Content Day Photo by Cato Cataldo/NBAE via Getty Images

As of Friday evening, Rafael Stone and Gerald Green walked to the podium to announce his retirement. Green was a special dunker and became an impressive volume shooter with the Rockets between 2017-2019, which was his two-year stint with the team. He is the most appreciated Houstonian amongst spectators. Green averaged 9.7 points per game and shot 41 percent from the field in his career in the NBA. Green said:

“Some things in life you have to learn to close one chapter and open up another. I would like to thank Tilman and Patrick [Fertitta] for this opportunity. With that being said, I will be retiring from the game of basketball and joining the Houston Rockets coaching staff. I could not be more excited about it.”

Although Green bounced around the NBA, he made a proven mark with his athleticism and team spirit throughout his career. When hurricane Harvey happened, Green took a boat around the city of Houston to bring individuals to safety. Green has always had a warm heart for the city he played in as a teenager at Gulf Shore Academy, which he averaged 33 points per game. He later attended Oklahoma State before being drafted by the Boson Celtics in 2005. In his 12-year- career, Green is appeased with his career. Green said:

“I know when all this is over I’m probably going to go to the bathroom and cry like a baby... I sleep, eat, breathe Houston. It’s all over my body. I may be the only coach with tattoos like this.”

Stone is ecstatic and was trying to recruit Green for two years to join the player development staff. Stone said:

“Gerald is a special guy. Gerald’s the type of person who brings a smile to your face when you’re in his presence. There’s no business, no organization in the world that’s not better for having people like that. We’re just really happy to have him with us.”

I will never forget Green’s game winning shot and famous quote about respecting James Harden and Chris Paul. Green announced he will be apart of the player development for the Rockets. Jalen Green has already felt his presence on the side of the court.