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Houston Goes To Dallas

Sengun’s Conquest of Texas Begins

Boston Celtics v Houston Rockets
It’s Sengun time now.
Photo by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

Tonight the Rockets visit the Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center in a clash between a current trendy MVP pick in Luka Doncic, and the True Future of The NBA, Alperen Sengun.

Oh, it may not seem like such a battle now, a 19 year old rookie, not even starting, against the Mavericks and Dallas’ franchise player, but I think we can be confident this is the moment history will record as the beginning of the end for Doncic. The night he began to hear Turkish footsteps. Luka may put a brave face on things, he may even have a great game, or season, but the end is inevitable. The Not From Here Rulership of the NBA will be passed from Luka, from Giannis, to Sengun.

They’ll even be happy to do it, so clear will his greatness be. Giannis will hand over his Unassisted Dunk Crown, and demand it be melted down into something more suitable for the Sultan of the NBA. Luka will give Alperen his favorite cigarette lighter.

Soon the Rockets will play the Lakers and no doubt Lebron will begin making succession plans, not just for the NBA, but for all his business ventures.

Remember, you were here tonight to watch it begin.

(Yes, it’s all a joke. Settle down.)

Also, Dallas should take note of player #10 for the Rockets. Eric Gordon. He would solve a lot of their problems. If they’re serious about contending, (And who knows if they are? Jason Kidd is their coach.) Eric Gordon is pretty much the perfect fit for their team. I’m not sure what they can offer, or what the Rockets would want (besides to be rid of John Wall), but Eric Gordon combines the best of “Player They Need/Highly Available” for Dallas.

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