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Houston Rockets vs. Phoenix Suns game preview

Houston Rockets v Phoenix Suns

The Rockets begin the front end of a back-to-back tonight in Houston against the defending Western Conference champion Phoenix Suns.

These teams met 10 days ago in Phoenix. That contest was back-and-forth for three quarters before the Suns went on a run and cruised to a 123-111 victory. That was the third victory in Phoenix’s current 7-game winning streak. Meanwhile, that was the sixth loss in Houston’s current 10-game losing streak. Sometimes when two hot teams play each other, you hear “Something has to give.” Well, it appears that nothing has to give tonight.

We’re seeing the ups and downs of rookie life in Jalen Green’s play. The youngster needs to stay aggressive even when things aren’t going his way. The missed shots are expected. So are the turnovers (even if you don’t love six of them). But Green has to keep his head up and keep firing. If he tries to play timid, he’ll be no better than Houston’s 3-and-D guys who would miss a 3 in the playoffs and then refuse to shoot again, destroying possession by passing up open shots. The circumstances are different, but the importance is the same.

It’s a slightly early tip tonight, which helps a little I guess since the Rockets have to fly to Memphis after the game.

Tip-off is at 6pm CT on AT&T SportsNet Southwest