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Rockets at Lakers Double Feature

Part Deux

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
So, it’s fine to stand around and shoot threes for OTHER teams, Melo?
Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Tonight marks the second game of the Lakers Home and also Home, series against the Rockets. The Lakers predictably won the first game when they did such revolutionary things as “Start Davis at Center” and “Have Carmelo Make A Bunch of Threes”.

Admittedly, Carmelo wasn’t doing that as a Rocket, when he still had a vision of himself as a starter, and if truth be told, primary scorer. On a team with James Harden.

Day-to-Davis makes the Lakers extremely dangerous when he moves to center, but he doesn’t like playing it. It’s not like he’s banging around in the paint with the 1990s behemoths, but he still doesn’t like it much, it seems. It’s probably the Lakers only road to playoff series wins, and right now, perhaps, regular season wins.

The Rockets don’t have anyone who can offer much resistance to Lebron and Davis at PF and C respectively. Unless. Unless they tried playing Sengun and Garuba. It’s not as though they would stop those two, basically no one does, but they might annoy them. And the two young players would get a taste of just how difficult the NBA can be.

Speaking of how difficult the game can be, the Rockets guards are struggling. It’s early days, of course, and a rush to judgment would be foolish, in my estimation. That said, it’d be nice to mix in a good game for both Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr.

The one thing that recently has been trending favorably is the Rockets defense, surprisingly in the middle of the NBA pack. Though the team lost in their last matchup with LA in LA, on Halloween night, they did hold the Lakers under 100.

In any case, the eyes of Houston may be elsewhere tonight, but let’s hope both Houston teams have great offense, and great defense (and pitching) tonight!

Danuel House, Daniel Theis and JaeSean Tate are out for the Rockets tonight.

The Lakers are missing Talen Horton-Tucker, Wayne Ellington and possibly Lebron James, Anthony Day-to-Davis, and Dwight Howard. More shots for Westbrook!


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