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Jalen Green suffered strained hamstring in win vs. Bulls

When will the rookie return?

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

An apparent leg injury cut Houston Rockets guard Jalen Green game short in the win against the Chicago Bulls.

According to head coach Stephen Silas, Green strained his hamstring and will be re-evaluated in a week, meaning he will miss at least the next three games and possibly more.

I spoke to Okon Antia “Dr. O” (@OkeezieSportsPT), a sports physical therapist practicing out in northwest Houston, and an avid Rockets fan. We talked about what Green's timetable would look like and if the injury would be something that could linger throughout the season.

What do you think is the timetable for Green's return?

If they are saying re-evaluation in a week that sounds like a Grade 1 injury so we are looking at 2-4 weeks

There is no need to re-evaluate a Grade 2 in a week because they aren’t playing for a month to 6 weeks minimum

Is this the type of injury that could linger throughout the year?

It sounds like a Grade 1 and is still going to take 2-4 weeks to recover from but there is less chance of recurrence IF they let it heal because the muscle imbalances weren’t present to predispose you to this injury

This most likely happened because he had a counterforce pushing down on him while he tried to explode upwards. This matters because it is different than a non-contact hamstring injury which is how most of them are and how his was in Summer League

The diagnosis from “Dr. O” lets you see that it could have been worse, but a possible grade 1 is a lot better than a potential Grade 2. We will have to wait and see an exact return date for Green, but hopefully, 2-4 weeks is the worst-case scenario.

Thank you to Mr. Antia for answering my questions today if you want to learn more about his practice, you can check out his website