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VOTE: Best second-year NBA player

Who’s been the best?

Houston Rockets v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by Harrison Barden/Getty Images

Hey, guys. I wanted to get a John Wall question in this week’s survey, but when you snooze, you lose, and I didn’t get to it in time to make this week’s deadline. My bad on that, but if we’re still talking about it next week, I’ll get it submitted.

Instead, we have two national questions this week, and at least one of them might carry some interest for Houston Rockets fans, since it deals with the Los Angeles Lakers and (at least partially) The Russell Westbrook Experience. Here’s your poll for the week:

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I already know where I’m voting on the Lakers question, even if my exact reason isn’t clearly outlined. I am really interested in the results of the second-year player question, however. There’s been some good ones.

You can also access this week’s poll HERE.

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