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Can You Fear The Thunder?

Rockets play OKC again.

Charlotte Hornets v Houston Rockets
We finally got Danny Green!
Photo by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

After tonight’s game 15% of the Rockets schedule will be games against the OKC Thunder. So far the two teams have splint their contests. 33% of the Rockets wins have come at the expense of the Thunder. Can they make it 50%? Let’s see!

Tonight will be the third game that we hopefully see Stephen Silas’ Five Out system fully deployed with more shooters and fewer guys who can’t shoot and clog the paint. Enjoy it while you can, as John Wall, good at many things, but not really shooting, looms on the horizon.

Things are getting testy as the Rockets max contract player has decided that, yeah, he’d like to play basketball for all that money, rather than sit around avuncularly. Testy because Wall sees himself as a prime starter, rather than a bench player. Testy because the Rockets are absolutely certain there’s no future Rockets team with such a role for John Wall.

John Wall probably SHOULD start, and get minutes for someone. Just not the Rockets. He’s only 31. So while the Carmelo Anthony angle may seem germane, Wall is far younger (but possibly far more broken physically).

Stay tuned...


Does the Wall

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  • 26%
    Come off the bench
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  • 5%
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  • 20%
    Throw a hissyfit
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  • 20%
    Get traded
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  • 4%
    Stand Firm
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  • 6%
    Get Traded for Westbrook
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  • 12%
    Join Luka
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