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SB Nation Reacts: NBA City Edition Jerseys

Do fans like them?

Got a quick one for you this week on the SB Nation Reacts poll. This week’s questions were in regards to the the NBA City Edition Jerseys that were recently released. You can find the jerseys for the Houston Rockets at this link from Jeremy.

We asked our national voters which jersey they felt was the best. Here are those responses.

The San Antonio Spurs took the top spot along with the Toronto Raptors, but if you notice the percentages, you’ll see that 50 percent of voters are unaccounted for, which means half of the voters went for “other”, most likely just voting for their own hometown team.

Our second question asked if each group of fans like their squad’s City Edition Jerseys, and that one was pretty conclusive.

As you can see, 83 percent went with yes. I do think most teams did a pretty good job this year with their jerseys, though something that stood out to me was the lowest approval rating came from Boston Celtics fans at 37 percent.

Head over here to join in the voting fun.

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