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SB Nation Reacts: Who is the early leader for MVP?

The King of the Frontrunners returns!

NBA: Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

We’re all familiar with the word “frontrunner”, and it just so happens that the King of the Frontrunners is back in an all-to-familiar position as media darling. It’s in that spirit that I bring you this week’s SB Nation Reacts results, but I don’t think anyone should be too surprised about what we’re seeing here.

Our first question asked who was the favorite for MVP, and if you picked the King of the Frontrunners, you would be correct.

This race is pretty much over. Stephen Curry has already been anointed, and barring a complete and total collapse, this narrative will be ran with. We’re only 25 percent of the way into the NBA season, and it feels like you can pretty much close the book on the MVP race. There’s not too many things the national media likes better than Steph Curry slobbering. Get used to it. We have about five more months of it.

Need a little more of America’s favorite frontrunners? We got that for you too. We asked our national voters what they thought was the biggest story so far this season.

Ready for more Golden State Warriors? We have that for you too. We asked our voters to pick who they felt would win both the Western and Eastern Conference. Here are those results:

That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the Steph Curry/Golden State Warriors love fest.

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