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Eric Gordon is proving his worth in a potential trade

Trade speculation continue to follow Gordon, and he’s been showing he’s worth trading for.

Milwaukee Bucks v Houston Rockets Photo by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

Eric Gordon is becoming more valuable to the Rockets in both ways as a player and trade bait. As of right now, no steam has started for Gordon in NBA trade circles, which will eventually happen because of his outstanding efforts on the basketball court. Gordon is shooting 43.6 percent from three for the Rockets, which is the second highest mark of his career.

Gordon is showing his savvy veteran leadership down the stretch in close games. Too bad the Rockets are 8-18. He deserves to be on a playoff or championship contender. Gordon has been healthy by only missing a few games due to rest. It obvious the Rockets want to keep Gordon healthy, so his trade value is good. He was one of the the main reasons the Rockets won seven straight games. Inside the winning streak and when it ended, Gordon averaged 17.6 points per contest and had shooting splits of 51.1/46.5/76.5 percent.

Gordon is a true three-and-D NBA veteran because of his ball handling, shooting, floor spacing, the ability to get to the rim, and defense. He is looking impressive running the point guard position more since Kevin Porter Jr. has been out with a quad injury. Gordon has used isolation so he can initiate drive-and-kick or pick-and-roll with Christian Wood. His offensive rating is 102.8, which isn’t that bad because of his production on the court. In 5.3 possessions a game, Gordon finishes in 58.4 percentile as pick-and-roll ball handler per Synergy. That’s for a guy who has never been a true point guard.

If there were two teams that make a good fit for him, it would be the Denver Nuggets and Milwaukee Bucks due to their player personnel and draft picks. Gordon has ramped his status for a first-round pick and player in return for the Rockets. Jordan Nwora would be a special talent on the Rockets, as he was buried at the end of the bench versus Houston last Friday night. Per 36 minutes, Nwora is averaging 13.9 points per game and shooting 38.5 from the field. He is a good versatile floor spacer and ball handler at 6’8”.

Like mentioned before, Gordon is a respected player around the league. Gordon is well mannered and has great dialogues in his press conferences. He is almost an open book when talking to him, which makes him authentic. Gordon isn’t afraid to voice his emotions in a loss and call out refs when a bad call is presented. He was recently ejected versus the Brooklyn Nets, which was his first time in the NBA. Luckily, the Rockets won that game against James Harden. Even in a tough season, Gordon has been supportive towards his teammates and enjoyed helping them if turnovers occur.

In 14 seasons, Gordon has a ton of respect from opposing NBA coaches on offense and defense. Coach Stephen Silas has always given Gordon great praise during his tenure as the head coach for the Rockets, as he said:

“Eric Gordon, who’s the best in the league at guarding his guy.”

After Friday’s lost against the Bucks, Coach Mike Budenholzer said:

“Eric Gordon is guy who is very accomplished enough in our league. The ball’s in his hand a lot. He has kind of gave them some order.”

As of right now, there are trade speculations surrounding Eric Gordon this upcoming week. He might see extra rest now, so he is well preserved and healthy. For five seasons, the players and coaching staff for the Rockets have depended on Gordon, and he deserves a legitimate chance to win a championship at the age of 32-years-old. Rockets’ twitter will for certainty miss the legendary memes he creates during games after a bad call.