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Failing & Wailing: Knicks at Rockets

Two Teams, but a single direction?

Houston Rockets v Atlanta Hawks
It’s Sengun Season. Keep him in your heart.
Photo by Adam Hagy/NBAE via Getty Images

So the New York Knicks visit the Rockets for their only home game in this 5 in 7 stretch of games. The two teams had very different expectations for their season.

The Rockets expected to lose, but wanted to bring in young players and begin to built the next contending Rockets team.

The Knicks, giddy with their first real success in years wanted more, more, more, under the hoarsely shouted leadership of Thom Thibodeau. (From Breaux Bridge don’t ya know. No he isn’t. I just watched something about Marc Savoy and his Cajun accordions, so that’s on my mind. Tom is from New Britain, Connecticut, which in some ways might be the opposite of Southwest Louisiana/Southeast Texas - Bayou country, anyway.).


The Knicks surprised everyone by finishing fourth in the east last season, and winning Tom Thibodeau The Ragin’ Non-Cajun his second Coach of The Year award.

In typical Knicks fashion, they decided they were better than they probably were, and ready to do more. The signed some players, but didn’t address the main problem, which is, if you’re relying on Julius Randle to be your main creator, you need another creator. Which was supposed to be Kemba Walker, but it seems all the injuries have caught up with him.

Anyway, the Knicks badly need a win. The Rockets need to look competent after last night’s drubbing in Cleveland.



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  • 43%
    NBA scheduling, therefore Knicks.
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  • 26%
    Youth and Inexperience. Rockets.
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  • 29%
    Dallas, who almost beat the Lakers without Luka, which says a lot about the Lakers.
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