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TDS Mailbag: The future of Stephen Silas and more...

We have three more questions for you this week!

NBA: Houston Rockets at Oklahoma City Thunder Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Raymond Lucas Jr. is back with this week’s edition of the TDS Mailbag. Here’s this week’s questions and answers and don’t forget to fill out the form at the bottom to submit a Houston Rockets question for next week. - DY

Q: Our last franchise player came from swinging a trade for a budding young star out of OKC. Do you see another young player the Rockets might trade for to try and repeat history or do you think we will build strictly through the draft? - MGB73

I think that if the Rockets restricted themselves to strictly building through the draft, it’d be a very stubborn move. For example, imagine if they decided to trade Christian Wood to the Warriors in exchange for young talent. I’d assume they’d get back James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody, and maybe a draft pick - that’s a great haul for a young team, especially when you consider how much potential each of those guys has.

Personally, if I’m Houston this would be a trade that I try to make happen because I think it benefits the rebuild most. I don’t know if how likely it is that they’ll land an established player, but it’s a possibility, especially after this season.

Q: Would it make sense to keep Silas for the remainder of the season or try and replace him now? - Fernando Castillo

This question is interesting because it was asked seven days ago and the Rockets have rattled off four straight wins since it was asked. I think the only way Silas is removed before the end of the season is if their performance dips again and we’re back to seeing minimal improvement along with hardly any development. I don’t see that happening though. It looks like the rumors of letting Silas go allowed him to clear his head and put together fluid game plans.

Sometimes a bit of pressure can take you a long way in life.

Q: I was listening to the commentary on Inside the NBA on TNT and they were discussing the Pistons and Knicks of the ‘80s and ‘90s. During those times, the players would meet by the bus and duke it out. - Question is, to your knowledge do they still be going out back and settling it? I know I saw Jimmy Butler hollering to whoever it was that they could go outside and handle it. - Michael Wayne Phillips

I highly doubt it. It’s a funny thought though. It’s so easy to get arrested for fighting these days that I don’t think it happens, although players sometimes clearly seem interested in meeting in the tunnel and letting their hands fly. However, Kwame Brown taught all of us that the city of Seattle has mutual combat laws, so maybe if the Supersonics come back, things could change.

Kidding of course, but uh, not about the Sonics coming back.

That’s it for this week. Fill out the Google Form below to submit your question to Ray. Our other writers are available also if you wish to address someone specific. Just note it in your question!