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Rockets vs 76ers game preview: Daryl Morey’s revenge

The Rockets pay a visit to their old GM.

Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

First thing’s first, and that’s I hope everyone out there is safe. I know what’s going on in Texas at the moment is a disaster, with millions left without power or heat in the worst winter weather in Texas since 1899. 21 people have reportedly died across several southern states. We at the The Dream Shake are hoping for the best for everyone out there.

Secondly, because AK is one of those millions without power, I’m stepping in to do the game preview. I’m not even going to attempt to do what AK does. He’s been here previewing Houston Rockets games long before I ever came aboard, so there’s no way I can match his wit and funny game insights. So I’ll just give it to you straight.

The Rockets head to Philadelphia to take on the 76ers in what looks like an important contest for several reasons.

Houston has lost six games in a row to fall to the bottom of the Western Conference. Christian Wood remains out with a severe ankle sprain, while Eric Gordon and Victor Oladipo are doubtful and P.J. Tucker is questionable. It’s going to to be tough sledding again for the Rockets without four of their main rotation players, especially against the current top team in Eastern Conference.

The 76ers are pretty healthy, as Joel Embiid is expected to play, and the only out player listed right now is Shake Milton. Tobias Harris is back in top form, as he’s coming off of a 36-point, 10-rebound night, and he’ll be the type of player to just murder the Rockets. The 76ers have a clear talent advantage in this one.

The game also marks the first time former Houston GM Daryl Morey faces his old team. Morey was the main man for the Rockets for 13 seasons before leaving this past offseason to supposedly spend more time with his family only to take Philly job right after leaving.

Many read between the lines and saw this as a direct ploy to get away from Houston owner Tilman Fertitta, though we’ll probably never know for certain.

Regardless, Morey is in a better place, at least right now, as the 76ers are hunting for a NBA title, while the Rockets will be lucky to even make the playoffs. Whether that better place holds long term remains to be seen — the NBA is always a fast-changing landscape — but it’s looking like a good move right now.

Anyway, it’s probably another long night for Houston, especially on the road, but I’ll settle for all of my TDS brothers and sisters in Texas just to be able to watch the game in a safe, warm, and dry environment.

Please take care out there.