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SB Nation Reacts: Are you satisfied with Stephen Silas?

We asked our voters about the new Houston head coach and also some All-Star Game talk.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Washington Wizards Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s SB Nation Reacts poll once again had a special Houston Rockets question, and it focused on the job new coach Stephen Silas is doing. We asked our Rockets voters if they were satisfied with Silas’s coaching performance, and here’s what you all had to say.

I selected yes for this one. While the Rockets are struggling, I’ve been impressed with Silas so far. His offense predicated on ball movement is a thing of beauty when it’s cranking, and I love that he’s adjusted the team’s defensive philosophy to better take advantage of the skills of his personnel. My only real gripe is occasionally with his rotations, but that should improve with time. I honestly though this would be higher than 60 percent.

As usual, we also asked for our weekly Rockets fan confidence rating as well. That number is a little less surprising.

Hovering right around 50 percent, fan confidence continues to plummet in the midst of seven-game losing streak. I still voted for confident, however. Considering the circumstances, I’m aware the Rockets need to rebuild, and I have total faith in GM Rafael Stone to do this thing, and I have faith that Stephen Silas is the man for the head coaching job. The Rockets do need an injection of talent, but considering what they just lost this past year, I think they’ll be moving in the right direction.

We also had a series of national questions this week, all centered around the All-Star Game. First, we asked our readers to select their starting five for both the Western and Eastern Conferences.

My only real gripe here is Bradley Beal over James Harden, though it is interesting to see The Bearded one still getting some level of disrespect despite moving to Brooklyn and having a cadre of fans finally wake up to his incredible skill. Not to discount what Beal is doing, but I don’t see how anyone can doubt Harden is the better player.

Or final question asked which player out of a group a second-tier guys deserve to make the game. Here are those results.

I took Randle also. Anyway, that’s it for this week. Make sure you sign up for our weekly poll if you haven’t already. You can sign up here!!!