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Can Rockets finally get a win tonight against Cavaliers?

Join in live on the game thread as the Rockets take on the Cavs.

Chicago Bulls v Houston Rockets Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

What’s hardest to believe here?

That 30ish games into the season, the Cleveland Cavaliers would have the same amount of wins as the Houston Rockets? That Houston is all alone at 14th place in the Western Conference standings? Or that the Rockets are on an eight-game losing streak?

What if I told you... they’re all true as of right now?

Houston and Cleveland come into this game in very similar situations. The Rockets sit at an 11-18 record, and the Cavaliers hold an 11-21 record — both in the 14th spot of their respective conferences. But, the Rockets are trending downward on an eight-game losing streak. The Cavaliers, on the other hand, are trending upward and currently sitting on a nice little one-game win streak — the did lose 10 straight games before that, though.

As bad as the Cavs may be, the Rockets don’t have a right to mark this as an easy W on their calendar because, as you can tell, they’ve been bad too.

Some big news for tonight’s game: this will be Houston’s first game with DeMarcus Cousins officially no longer a member of the team. Victor Oladipo and Eric Gordon are game-time decisions.

Some questions for you tonight: Who do you expect to step up big tonight? Can John Wall carry this team to their first win in nine games? What would a loss to the Cavs mean here? How badly do you miss Christian Wood?

Answer those questions below and follow the game along, live, here in the game thread.

Last, but certainly not least, LET’S GO ROCKETS!