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Houston Rockets Reconstruction Site

You wanted this, right?

Laying of the foundation stone for ice hockey and basketball hall in Munich Photo by Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images

Welcome to the Rockets reconstruction site. Let’s take a tour. You can see the skeleton of a new building rising. You can see how it might all fit together. You can see that maybe, possibly, it might all be quite nice, one day.

Today is not that day.

You can also see some open pits. What’s supposed to be there? Who knows?

Right now it’s just a hole filled with mud and it’s getting deeper every game.

It seems clear that couple of ideas just haven’t worked, and will require a redesign and change orders. Those plans looked good on paper, made for a nice model, but they’re not looking good on the ground. It’s not coming together the way anyone thought. Getting it right it too important to just leave things this way, but there’s not a whole lot to be done until a new plan can be made.

Meanwhile, the central support beam is missing, and until it’s there, a lot of things are simply stalled out. The whole project depends on it,but it’s getting reworked, and no one can say when it’ll arrive.

There’s also just a bunch of debris lying around from the old building, and as well as some new debris that isn’t helping matters either. Maybe some of it can be repurposed, but is it worth the effort? Doesn’t anyone else actually want any of it enough to take it off our hands?

The building manager is, well, there’s not a finished building for him to run. There’s all this material, and machinery, but it’s not what he was expecting. He’s just hanging around in a temporary building trying to run what’s there, even though it’s like 13 of the future structure at best. He honestly looks a bit lost. Despondent.

People keep visiting, and they seem disappointed. Anyone who came by expecting to see a place that just needed some paint, flooring and light fixtures is going to be dismayed. The walls aren’t even up yet, and there’s still sections of the foundation to pour. You’ve gotta wear a hard hat, because chunks of crap just fall from time to time.

It’s just a work site, right now, and tours are kind of pointless, unless you can see beyond the mess, and the delays, and the stuff that’s go to be changed. If you look beyond that, you’ll see...

Well what do we see?

Right now three, maybe four pieces of the next thing. Christian Wood, Jae’Sean Tate, maybe Danuel House Jr. We’re probably stuck with John Wall.

There are the G League guys. They may as well get some minutes, see what we might possibly have with The Juniors - Kevin Porter Jr., Kenyon Martin Jr. and Mason Jones (Junior Harden Fanclub). Trevelin Queen might turn into a useful Garrett Temple type.

So, uh, when’s it going to be finished?

Not for a while. Please make sure you’re wearing that hard hat.


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