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SB Nation Reacts: Did the Rockets get enough for James Harden?

You told us how you felt.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Oklahoma City Thunder Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s version of SB Nation Reacts starts a series of Rockets-related questions for our local voters in addition to the usual fan confidence rating and the national questions. So let’s kick things off with our big one this week.

We asked our Houston voters if they thought new GM Rafael Stone got enough in return in the James Harden deal, and here’s the verdict:

I rated the deal a B when it happened, so I picked yes in the poll. The draft picks outright and the swaps were obviously substantial, and I do like that Houston was able to get Victor Oladipo out of the deal. I wouldn’t have minded a nice, young player in there, but that’s ultimately getting nitpicky. Was it an absolutely perfect deal? No. Did they get enough? Yes.

Our next Rockets question was in regards to fan confidence, which has remained high these last few weeks and is still high this week. In fact, it’s at its highest point all season thus far.

We also asked several national questions this week about the NBA at-large, in particular the NBA All-Star game and the impact COVID is expected to have. The first question we asked is if there should be an All-Star game at all in light of the global pandemic. The voters have spoken.

I actually voted for yes, but I’m obviously in the minority. My feeling is that if regular season games are being played, then why not the All-Star Game? I get that a big part of All-Star weekend is the fan experience, and that’s obviously not going to be the same in the COVID era, but no reason not to play the game if the players are into it.

The second question we asked is if there ends up being an All-Star Game, should there still be the skills competitions?

“Why not,” is my answer? If players are practicing, playing in games, and planning to play in the All-Star Game, there’s not much added risk with the skills competitions. Just my two cents.

We’ll have more Rockets-related questions coming for you over the next four weeks, so now is a great time to sign up for SB Nation Reacts!!