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Rockets face Cavaliers for 2nd time in 6 days

Join in on the game thread.

Houston Rockets v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

It wasn’t too long ago that I was here with you, kicking off the game thread and asking you a hypothetical:

What’s hardest to believe here?

That 30ish games into the season, the Cleveland Cavaliers would have the same amount of wins as the Houston Rockets? That Houston is all alone at 14th place in the Western Conference standings? Or that the Rockets are on an eight-game losing streak?

The kicker here being, of course, that all of those things were true at the time. And at the time, it felt like that was the lowest we could go, huh?

Well, now we know that’s simply not true.

Since that game thread, the Rockets lost three more games and extended their losing streak to 11. The Cavaliers have since won two straight, knocking down the Rockets and the Philadelphia 76ers this past Saturday.

I’m going to be honest with you here: things are looking real bleak, man.

Not only does Houston lose games badly, it just seems to get worse and worse. And by “seems,” I mean that it actually does. Last night, they lost to the Memphis Grizzles by a grueling 49 points. Now, they’re being asked to stop the bleeding against a team that’s had a day of rest — while Houston is on the second night of a back-to-back — and took their lunch money less than a week ago.

As usual, I ask some questions for you to ponder before the game, but tonight I’ll make them appropriate for the state of this team.

Do you want them to win tonight, or do should they keep the tank rolling? What is the largest deficit that they face? Will they hold the lead at any point tonight? Which unsung Cavs player completely goes off? Does a Rockets player score 20 points tonight?

Answer those questions below, and follow the game along here, live, in the game thread!

Last, but certainly not least, LET’S GO ROCKETS!