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SB Nation Reacts: NBA trade season

The deadline is almost here.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Houston Rockets POOL PHOTOS-USA TODAY Sports

I’m a little behind on posting last week’s results, so for those of you who have been waiting, my apologies. We do have a lot of results for you, so let’s get started with our Houston Rockets questions first.

Our first question asked if the Rockets should be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. And with the season swirling down the tubes, it may seem obvious that they should be sellers. But the Rockets have a ton of draft ammo, and they’ve already been linked to Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic, so who knows what Rafael Stone has up his sleeve? But here are your results:

I went seller, but if the right deal comes along... I’d have no qualms buying also. Maybe a combination of the two is right?

We also asked our Rockets voters what they thought the team’s biggest need was, which is an interesting question because Houston has needs all over the place. But here are your thoughts on this one:

I actually went with a wing, because Houston is likely to lose a few this trade season, though a close second for me would have been shooter, so I’m a little surprised we didn’t get more responses there. You can never have too many shooters, and with Eric Gordon on the shelf and Ben McLemore dropping off, Sterling Brown is the only shooter left on the roster. Grab a wing who can shoot, and suddenly it’s two birds, one stone.

As always, we also asked our Rockets fans for their weekly confidence rating, which has started to rise since bottoming out a week ago.

With the franchise-record losing streak now broken, and the trade deadline almost here, it’s a chance for confidence to continue to grow, both with the fanbase and in the locker room.

We also have trade deadline-centered national questions this week, as we asked our league-wide voters what player they felt was most likely to be traded this year and also what type of the player they would most want for their own squad. Our voters had a crystal ball, because P.J. Tucker already happened.

That’s it for last week’s results. This week’s poll is already out, so make sure you are voting. And if you would like to be involved, make sure you head over here to sign up!