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Rockets celebrate Trade Deadline Eve with game against Hornets

NBA: Houston Rockets at Charlotte Hornets Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Can you believe it?

For the first time since Feb. 8, the Houston Rockets — YOUR Houston Rockets — have the opportunity to go on a win steak. Oh, how sweet it is.

The Charlotte Hornets, tonight’s opponents, come into today’s game in a very similar situation, riding high on a one-game winning streak. This will be their second game without LaMelo Ball, who is most likely out the rest of the season after undergoing wrist surgery, after winning their first without him against the San Antonio Spurs on Monday.

Facing the three Texas teams in consecutive games on the road is called the Texas Triangle. So, is facing only two of the three of them just a Texas Two-Step? Something to answer down below.

For the Rockets, tonight’s game isn’t the only exciting thing about tonight, and it’s actually probably the least exciting thing about tonight. Tonight is the NBA’s Trade Deadline Eve! That means that we have already seen the last of Victor Oladipo, who will be out tonight due to personal reasons.

A few questions for you to ponder ahead of tonight’s game. Will Houston flip their losing streak into a winning streak? Do you want to see them win tonight? If they lose tonight, will it be just the beginning of another historic losing streak? What would you realistically like in return for Oladipo?

Answers those questions and follow the game along tonight, live, here in the game chat!

Last, but never ever least, LET’S GO ROCKETS!