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SB Nation Reacts: Rockets fan confidence continues to rise and opinions on the play-in model

The NBA’s new playoff system is popular

NBA: Houston Rockets at Miami Heat Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports

No special Houston Rockets related questions this week, but we have our usual fan confidence rating and we have a couple national questions about how our voters feel about the NBA’s new playoff play-model.

First we’ll get to our Rockets confidence, as the weekly fan confidence rating continues to rise after bottoming out earlier in the year.

We’re back up all the way to 80 percent confidence, as the tank-a-thon continues with the Rockets officially eliminated from playoff contention. I continue to vote yes because “trust the process,” and I love Houston’s young talent. Add a high draft pick and some veteran talent and the team could be in business.

We also asked our national voters about the new playoff play-in system, and it’s been pretty well-received across the league, it appears.

First we asked if they found the idea of a play-in tournament exciting, and our readers were pretty certain on this one.

And we also asked our national readers if they thought the play-in tourney would keep teams more engaged for a longer period of time, with the thought of squeaking in to the post-season meaning borderline teams would continue to fight for the playoffs instead of resting players or deciding to tank at some point. This was an obvious one.

That’s it for SB Nation Reacts this week. Make sure you follow this link if you want to sign up for our weekly poll. It only takes a few seconds each week!