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Warriors at Rockets

How The Mighty Have Fallen

Milwaukee Bucks v Houston Rockets
It’s gotta be 50 again.
Photo by Robert Seale/NBAE via Getty Images

Fortunes can change quickly in the NBA. How many of you would have had predicted at the end of Bubble Season that both the Rockets and Warriors would be somewhat terrible?

Predicted that the Rockets would be trying to retain their top four protected 2021 first round pick?

Predicted that the Golden State Warriors would have received a largely healthy season from Steph Curry, playing as well as he ever has, a 1-2, and would be precariously trying to claim the 10th, and last, NBA Western Conference Play In slot?

It just shows what losing key players can do. The Rockets lost James Harden, and “gained” John Wall. The Warriors lost Klay Thompson. Again.

The Rockets are clearly in a full rebuild. What are the Warriors?

Are the Warriors a contending team with Curry, Green and Thomson (assuming full health)? Given the rest of their roster, that’s unclear. Maybe they are, given Curry rather pointed lack of an age-related decline. It could be, however, that outside those three players, the Warriors aren’t very good, while being tremendously, mind-blowingly, expensive.

But can Golden State count on health, for any of their major players? During the Warriors dominant period, they were almost magically (diabolically) healthy. They suffered few severe injuries and almost no poorly timed ones, compared to what their opponents endured. Now they seem to pick up injuries frequently.

Rockets fans can sympathize, to a point, with eight players (almost all significant) out tonight. It doesn’t really matter to the Rockets, given their situation. In fact, it is almost certainly better for player development.

For some reason ESPN is showing this game in a prime Saturday showcase. It’s cool when you get two teams that once were good and now are comparatively mediocre and terrible.


What would happen if you drank every time an ESPN announcer mentioned Curry in relation to this year’s MVP award?

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    They’re really going to say it, aren’t they?
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    He’s co-MVP with Luka, clearly.
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