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The NBA broke draft tiebreakers today. What does it mean for the Rockets?

Where will the Rockets select in the first round of the NBA Draft this summer?

NBA: NBA Draft Lottery Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

We’re 65 days away from the 2021 NBA Draft, which could be one of the most important drafts in Houston Rockets franchise history.

Today, the NBA broke the tiebreakers when it came to picks.

The Lakers, Mavericks and Trail Blazers had identical records and coin flips determined where each team would select. As part of the Robert Covington trade, the Rockets received the Blazers’ first round pick this year.

The Mavericks won the tiebreaker, rewarding them the 21st overall pick. However, that pick is going to the Knicks as part of the Kristaps Porzingis trade.

The Lakers won the second tiebreaker and the 22nd overall pick, meaning the Blazers hold the 23rd pick, which now belongs to the Rockets.

The Rockets also hold the Bucks first-round pick as part of the P.J. Tucker trade this past March. The Bucks hold the 24th pick, which means the Rockets are currently slated to have consecutive picks.

As for the top pick, that’s still TBD. We’ll know more once the lottery takes place on June 22. If the Rockets fall in the top four (a 52% chance), then the Rockets will stand pat and pick one of the first four players off the board. If the pick falls to #5, then the Rockets will swap their first-round pick with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder will pick 5th overall and the Rockets will acquire the Heat’s pick, which is 18th overall.