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Rockets 2021 player recaps: Sterling Brown

A good year on the court ended with a mess off of it for Brown. Where does he go from here?

NBA: Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Sterling Brown

It was the definition of an up-and-down season for Sterling Brown, who came to the Houston Rockets in the offseason on a one-year, $1.7 million deal and proceeded to have the best season of his four-year career and led the team in three-point percentage for year at a scorching 42.3 percent.

Brown also finished with the highest scoring average of his career, with 8.2 points per game, and he also had a career-high 4.4 rebounds per game, a career-high 1.7 assists per game and a career-high 0.7 steals per game.

In an 11-game stretch from March 22 through April 9, Brown scored in double-digit points nine times and was really coming into his own. I even picked him up on my fantasy squad. But he went out with a knee injury on April 10, and while he was recovering, the now-infamous Miami incident happened.

If you recall, following a loss to the Heat on April 19, Brown was out in the Miami strip clubs with teammates. After leaving the Booby Trap (what a name) nightclub, an inebriated Brown got in the wrong vehicle, which sparked a fight that resulted in Brown getting hit in the head with a glass bottle. Lots of blood ensued, Kevin Porter Jr. was forced to come to his rescue, and Brown missed the rest of the season with his injuries while Porter was fined and suspended for violating the NBA’s health and safety protocols.

So what happens from here? The Rockets are in dire need of shooters. Would it be smart to let their best one walk as a free agent? At the same time, Brown could be in demand coming off of a good year in the court, and would the Rockets want to overbid for a role player?

I’m sure the unrestricted Brown will be looking to test the market at least somewhat, but I’d be in favor of bringing him back if the price is right.

What say you, TDS? How much should the Rockets be willing to pay for Brown’s services? What’s the cap on where you’d go on a deal? Tell us in the comments.