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More First Round NBA Playoffs Talk

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

New York Knicks v Atlanta Hawks - Game Four
The Guards, They Are A-Changing
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

So we may be seeing a real changing of the guard in terms of our NBA stars. Of course, there are probably more elite level NBA scorers now than there have ever been. Some of that’s rule changes, some of that’s pace of play, some of that is the three point shot. Some of it, though, is pure skill.

The Atlanta Hawks, which always looked like a good team on paper, are now also looking like a good team on the court, with the emergence of Trae Young as a franchise player. He’s not the franchise player that Luka is, but he’s not bad either. The Feel Good Knicks are feeling a bit bad, but they shouldn’t. Atlanta is just a better team. The Knicks have wildly outperformed expectations. They badly, badly, need a lead scoring guard.

The good news for the Knicks is, they have cap room to sign or trade for that guy. One good candidate is probably CJ McCollum of Portland, who I’ve always thought was both a fine player, and not what Portland needed from the second guard spot.

Anyway, it looks like New York will fall to Atlanta. Miami is already out of our misery, as the Bucks got over their personal demons and did what they do best: frontrun.

It also is looking as though Phoenix will even their series with the Lakers at 2-2 with a rejuvenated looking Chris Paul.

Next up is a game with Boston and Brooklyn, wherein we see if the only way Boston wins is 50pts and the Kobe Bryant Memorial Forcefield for Jason Tatum.

Tonight’s is the Schadenfreude Classic, with the deeply unlikable LA Clippers trying to even their series with the somehow more likable Dallas Mavericks. It’s a real shame Kristaps Porzingis doesn’t appear to be an NBA player at the moment.

Onwards into the basketball overload weekend!


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