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Daryl Morey’s team comes down to Houston

Rockets vs. Sixers game thread!

Houston Rockets v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

It’s hard to believe we’re already in our third game of May, and we’re only seven games away from the Houston Rockets’ season coming to an end.

Tonight’s matchup of the Rockets versus the Philadelphia 76ers is the story of Daryl Morey’s Seasons Past, Present, and Yet to Come. The Rockets (past) are the team that was left in wake of trying to capture a superstar to win a championship and then appease him. The Sixers (present) are the team that can possibly win a championship now, and (yet to come) will have to continuously build to stay competitive and appease their current superstars.

At the middle of this Venn diagram is Daryl Morey, hoping that his tenure there in Philly doesn’t end anything at all like his time in Houston. There’s also the beauty of Houston being at the bottom of the conference, much like the Sixers of old, and seeing where they can end up once again, holding the No. 1 seed.

On to the game at hand: the 76ers hold a mere 1.5-game lead over the Brooklyn Nets for the top spot in the East, which means they’re not planning on taking this matchup lightly. Out tonight for the Rockets are the usual suspects, with the possibility of no Christian Wood due to some lingering injuries. Wood will be a game-time decision.

Some questions for tonight’s game: Should we expect another big performance from Kevin Porter Jr.? Can anyone on the Rockets hold Joel Embiid? Do you like the idea of Houston playing spoiler to some teams looking for good seeding/a playoff spot? Who wins tonight?

Answer those question below, and follow the game along, live, tonight here in the game thread.

Last, but certainly not least, LET’S GO, ROCKETS!