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Jalen Green is starting to win the Houston crowd over

Since the Rockets landed the number two pick, Jalen Green has become a current interest for spectators.

NBA G League Playoffs - G League Ignite v Raptors 905 Photo by Juan Ocampo/NBAE via Getty Images

As the spectators know, the Houston Rockets have successfully grabbed the number two pick in the NBA 2021 draft, which was confirmed last Tuesday night on ESPN. A certain joy took place in Houston, Texas amongst the fanbase. The only induvial who stayed relaxed during the excitement was Rafael Stone, as he causally talked to the media. Stone said:

”We’re certainly hopeful that it’s very impactful. There’s a lot of work that has to be done. We have to figure out who’s going to be there, who’s not going to be there. We have to figure out if drafting is the right thing. But it’s better than all-but-one alternative.

“The goal is to find a star player. That’s always our goal. When you bring in young players, you’re really looking for star potential.

“I expect that we’re going to be a fun team to watch grow. I hope our fans enjoy it. I think it’s going to be a fun next few years... We feel good about the project, feel good about the plan.”

Other than Stone’s mellow vibe, the Rockets landed a top two pick after a ton of draft uncertainty. When the Rockets traded Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook, Daryl Morey unloaded most of their picks to Oklahoma City Thunder GM Sam Pressti. Their fate could have became unlucky if their pick fell out the 1-4 draft selection.

Thankfully it didn’t, because the Rockets are looking for another centerpiece beside Christian Wood and Kevin Porter Jr.

It’s interesting to see on social media that Jalen Green of Ignite from the G-league is winning the Houston crowd over. Green is only 19 years old but filled with tremendous upside of superstardom. A guy with an elite skill set of drive-byes, handles, and shooting. He would make the game easier for Porter at the point guard position.

It could allow Porter just to focus on running the team and only concern himself with scoring when needed. Porter could warm up to scoring midgame because of Green. The backcourt of Porter and Green would be electrifying because they are savvy and quick. Two young guys that could grow into the NBA’s best duo in the future.

Porter and Green had an incredible matchup in the G-league, as they both scored over 20 points.

Green is a player that always loves the game on his shoulders, meaning he’s never afraid of the spotlight. Within the last 3-5 minutes of a game, his clutch shooting routinely averages between 40-50 percent. He sees the floor with excellence because of the up-court ball vison. Another thing Green does so well is using the pick-and-roll efficiently.

Green shot 46.1/36.5/82.9 from the field and averaged 17.9 points per game in 32 minutes. His shooting splits are respectively impressive by having a true shooting percentage of 61.3% and effective field goal percentage of 53.7%.

Green would be a wise decision for the Rockets at number two. But if Cade Cunningham drops to the number two selection because the Detroit Pistons being unsure of him for the number one pick, then it becomes better for the Rockets. Green and Cunningham were interchangeable in high school rankings between number one or two. Both are great picks, but the better player between Green and Cunningham for the Pistons and Rockets is Cade.

Cunningham is better player defensively and offensively, including in height and size at the point guard position. Nobody should forget that Cunningham is 6’7” with great handles and shoots 40 percent from three while averaging 20 points per game and has incredible athleticism.

But if Cunningham goes first as long-expected, Green is an electrifying bucket-getter, so there is no doubt about his scoring. The Rockets would be making the right decision to put him alongside the perimeter next to Porter. He would fancy the offense for the present and future. No, Cade, no problem because Green is the solution.

Hopefully, the right decision is made, and it plans out well for the future.