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SB Nation Reacts: Reader 2021 NBA mock draft results

Our readers made Houston’s first round draft pick.

2021 NBA Draft Lottery
Yes, we’re using THIS picture again.
Photo by Steve Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images

We have several 2021 NBA Draft mocks heading your way. Our first came from the podcasting crew at The Dream Take and others, and you can find that one here.

Our second is coming from our network-wide readers. Each team site will make their squad’s pick through the top 10, which means you all voted for who the Houston Rockets will take at number two through our SB Nation Reacts feature, and we have those results now.

The good news is that we had over 700 voters, so this is a pretty good snapshot of what most Rockets fans are thinking. I’m not a statistician or numbers guy, but I’m pretty sure that’s just about big enough for a legit scientific sample.

Anyway, here’s what you came for. Rockets fans have spoken, and it’s pretty unequivocal.

So there you have it, folks. Jalen Green is the pick, and it’s one I personally support. Though I want to make it known that I’m 100-perccent a-okay if the team drafts Evan Mobley as well. There’s been some recent reports that the Rockets were interested in Jalen Suggs as well, and while I don’t dislike Suggs as a player, I feel there’s a clear gap from Suggs to Green and Mobley.

Here’s your vote graph:

There were other votes, and in fact, there were 13 total players who received votes in this exercise, which is something that I found interesting, though after these top four, no one garnered more than a small handful.

So there you have it, TDS and Rockets fans, you all have spoken, and Jalen Green is your newest Rocket.

We have one more mock draft to go, and that’s the SB Nation Site Manager Mock Draft, where we pick the entire first round, which means you get three picks from yours truly.

Don’t forget to head over here to sign up for the NBA version of SB Nation Reacts.