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Rafael Stone and Troy Weaver are playing chess before the NBA Draft

Rafael Stone and Troy Weaver have played multiple games on whoever is drafting Cade Cunningham or Jalen Green.

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Oregon State v Oklahoma State Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The excitement is almost over because the 2021 NBA Draft is Thursday night. There has been a ton of back-and-forth of the Houston Rockets possibly trading up for the number one pick. The Rockets still like Jalen Green while thinking about the possibilities of Cade Cunningham because he is the number one prospect in the draft.

The Detroit Pistons and the Rockets did have multiple conversations on different trade scenarios. As known, the Rockets are trying use Eric Gordon for trade bait, but for the Indiana Pacers and the 13th pick. Knowing Rafael Stone, he probably tried using Gordon, the number two pick, plus more to swing interest from the Pistons.

The Pistons have been open for business, but only for selling high on the number one pick, because standing pat, they have the opportunity to get Cunningham or Green, whoever they decide is a better fit. Which means the Pistons control the NBA Draft momentum.

It has been noted that the Pistons are fancied by Green’s style of play. Troy Weaver, who is the Pistons’ GM, is looking for longevity amongst the draft prospects as he told the media. He hasn’t guaranteed that he will draft Cunningham while Stone said the same thing about the number two pick. Weaver said:

“We’re going to make the selection based on restoring the Pistons and having longevity. This is a long-term play. It’s not a get-it-right-at-the-moment play. Sustained success is what we’re looking for.”

Like Stone, Weaver has talked with multiple teams over the number one pick. At the end of the day, I think Stone is playing the same game because he really wants Green. Stone wants to make sure the Pistons grab Cunningham while the Rockets pick Green. The Rockets are throwing bluffs, so it narrows the Pistons toward Cunningham instead of Green.

Although the Pistons could be throwing bluffs too. A new report from John Hollinger mentioned that Detroit wasn’t overly impressed with Cunningham’s private workout.

“You still hear mutterings that the Pistons like Jalen Green’s upside, that Cade Cunningham’s workout didn’t blow them away, and that the phone lines on a trade remain open.”

However, Cunningham seems to fit the Pistons well, as he would space the floor out for Jerami Grant and Saddiq Bey as a playmaker, including creating scoring opportunities for himself while having Killan Hayes as an extra facilitator on the court.

Green’s explosive scoring would fit the Rockets well, as they need an efficient and fluent scorer. Kevin Porter Jr. would allow Green to explore the court by finding unique ways of getting him the ball. As Porter drives, and the defense collapses, he’ll constantly find Green on the wing, as he shot the three-ball at 36.5 percent.

Hopefully, the draft goes as planned like it should so both teams find longevity in each respective player.


What scenario do you see happening?

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  • 12%
    The Pistons will take Jalen Green, leaving Cade to the Rockets
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    The Rockets will trade up for Cade
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    The Pistons take Cade, then the Rockets take Green at number 2
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    The Rockets trade back and don’t get Green or Cade
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