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When is the best time to deal Eric Gordon?

Trading Eric Gordon could be a timely and calculated matter for the Rockets’ front office.

Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Eric Gordon being traded from the Houston Rockets has become the biggest question of the offseason. He is owed $18.2 million this season, as it was renewed in 2019, and will max out at $20.9 million by 2023. Gordon’s injuries and contract have stopped current teams from being interested in him.

For other NBA teams to be interested in Gordon, they would likely have to give up a boat load of players, which the Rockets couldn’t afford because of their current roster. The Rockets do have a full roster, as Stephan Silas must figure out the bench rotation. Finding a three-team trade could be the smartest situation for Rafael Stone so it could open more minutes for Josh Christopher and Armoni Brooks. Hopefully, Stone collects more draft picks with one player and MLE.

As of Friday, Tim MacMahon made it known that the Rockets are not trading Gordon anytime soon, which I already expected. It would become possible before the trade deadline or All-Star break, as it would knock most of the money off his contract. Gordon would become more attractive to other teams because of less money on his contract.

A team that should look at Gordon should be the Milwaukee Bucks, as the Eastern Conference has become harder. The Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks, and Miami Heat have gotten healthier and added more depth. Although the Bucks are the previous champions, they could add an extra veteran guard who spaces the floor out. Gordon could fill that role because of his playoff experience, scoring, and defense. He could be another primary ball handler for the Bucks and start as well.

Last season, Gordon averaged 17.8 points per game while shooting 43.3 percent from the field. He even had a 52.7 efficiency field goal percentage as well, which is impressive. Gordon has become a streaky shooter with good inner scoring. Per NBA stats, Gordon shot 63.2 percent in driving layups towards the basket. He would create constant problems on an team’s inner defense. Hopefully, Gordon can overcome his shooting struggles the last two seasons, as he has shot 32.3 percent from three.

Gordon helped the Rockets space the floor out more with himself shooting 36.3 percent from behind the arc in the first three seasons. The Bucks’ primary offense feeds off Giannis Antetokounmpo and his dribble drive opportunities, as that creates open shots for Bucks’ teammates like Khris Middleton. That allowed the Bucks to finish top three in three-point percentage inside the NBA.

Since the Bucks lost the previous Rocket, PJ Tucker, to the Heat, which he was a defensive stopper, Gordon would be a great fit because he would add more. Jrue Holiday and Gordon would give guards a hard time defensively. Gordon had a 106.8 defensive rating inside the 2020 playoffs in the bubble.

The Bucks-Rockets-Indiana Pacers could easily be part of a three team, which Stone would save almost less than south of $56 million in three-years. Stone would receive Jeremy Lamb from the Pacers who only has $10.1 million left on his contract. Lamb’s contract will be cut in half by the trade deadline and Gordon would be part of a winning situation. Hopefully, this situation comes into place, as both teams would benefit.