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The Casino Bar - A VSL thread

It’s pretty chill with not much FA stuff really happening.

The 20th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards - After Party
NBA Vegas Summer League Thread Hangout Thing
Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for LARAS

So I didn’t think I’d miss Vegas Summer League as much as I did. An absolutely low-stakes (for NBA fans, if not guys auditioning for work) set of games featuring prospects might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s mine. Or one of mine.

I admit, I could have a problem. But as problems go, liking to watch basketball isn’t the biggest possible issue, as is abundantly clear lately.

One year I’d like to go. Maybe we could meet up? We can meet in the casino lounge, or at the games. You think I’m joking? Not really. It might be a wish never fulfilled, but I’m perfectly serious. A day or two drifting from game to game, and ending up hanging out with other NBA junkies super fans, especially Rockets fans from all over, should be a good time. Las Vegas now has plenty to do if you’re not interested in gambling.

Anyway, it’s something to think about for (hopefully) next year.

In the meantime, what are thinking about the games, the prospects? This is a good place to talk about it.

I have some brief thoughts on Rockets we saw yesterday, and I’ll offer more after the Detroit game.

Jalen Green - It’s difficult to appreciate just how electric he is from clips. Nearly anyone can look superb in isolate video clips. Green really might be on that Human Highlight Reel level with Nique, in that every single moment is a possible highlight.

Does that make him an great player? No. But it’s likely to make him a fun one at least. And in the end, I’m in this for the fun. I’ve spent too much time agonizing over a future that didn’t arrive in the end for the Rockets. So if what we get is fun, that’s better than not getting anything.

Greens ability to make, seemingly without extreme effort, extremely difficult shots did, in fact, remind me of Kobe Bryant. If he can pair that with reliable efficiency and playmaking for others, Green is a superstar in the making. It’s only one VSL game, so who knows, but it’s on the table.

Alperen Sengun - When you can get a #1 rated analytics-based prospect at #16 in a draft for two fairly iffy first round picks (sent to a team that has a surfeit of them), it’s probably wise to do so. Sengun is on another level in terms of his game, and approach compared to other kids in VSL. I think his game is going to work in the NBA, but he has a lot of growing to do, and work to put in as well. Fortunately he just turned 19 years old. He was MVP of a top global league at 18. The most recent guy like that turned out pretty well, too, despite concerns about his athleticism from some quarters.

Josh Christopher - Lots of bad, lots of good things from his first outing. The defensive reputation is well deserved. As is JoshChris’ reputation for being an inveterate chucker. He’s got a lot to learn, but he settled down in the second half, and played really well, so it’s a wee bit too early to write the kid off, or to be fair, on. A young player being a quality defender from the jump is a nice building block. How will the young Joshes fare in a draft so filled with Jalens? Only time will tell.

So, anyway, welcome to the lounge where we can discuss the Rockets Summer League showing, other games, whatever you like, as long as you’re buying.


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