ESPN’s Tim MacMahon is expecting Houston Rockets to trade Eric Gordon

Following the acquisition of the second overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, the Houston Rockets could be considered to be in the early process of their rebuilding movement. Still, they have two highly-paid guards on their roster, Eric Gordon and John Wall.

According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, it could spell a problem for the Houston franchise and head coach Stephen Silas. With Houston set to prioritize the development of young talents, Gordon and Wall seem to not be fit to play in the team, and it is still uncertain if there will be enough touches and shot to go around for the two veterans and the team young guards like Green and Kevin Porter Jr.

Speaking on a new episode of the "Brian Windhorst&The Hoop Collective" podcast, MacMahon said best American casino sites: "To me, one of the biggest challenges for the Rockets is how you deal with John Wall and Eric Gordon.

"I do think the Rockets will be a fun young team, but fun young teams end up around 23, 24 wins."

Of the veteran duo, MacMahon considered Gordon, who will be paid $37.8 million in the stretch of two seasons, as a player likely to be traded by the franchise at some point in the 2021/22 regular season. While Wall, who is due $91.7 million, is considered to be wasting his time.

"The last year (of Gordon’s deal), there’s no guaranteed money. I think Gordon is getting traded at some point. But John Wall, every minute that he plays … you’re wasting time."

Gordon's final campaign with the Rockets in his contract is for $20.9 million, but that amount can only be paid if he ended making an All-Star team or if the team lifts the NBA championship in the next two campaigns.

The first is highly unlikely to happen while the second could be seen as a "good problem," considering the amount of cash that comes with claiming the title. So, Gordon's contract will likely not be seen as a big restriction for other franchises.

The huge amount owed to Wall, on the other hand, is a different problem on its own. Talking about a potential contract buyout that will see Wall hit the free agency quickly, MacMahon said via "The problem is, it’s $92 million. It’s two years at the super-max."

Gordon, who had the cheaper salary among the veteran duo, offers skills, three-pointers and defence that are useful in most teams in the NBA. While Wall is a traditional point guard who might not fit into teams who already have their ball handler. Wall also has a history of injuries which will make the market difficult for the Rockets this time.

Kevin Porter Jr., on the other hand, sees his future with the Rockets as the team's starting point guard.

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