Why the Rockets shouldn't trade for Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons and John Wall

A picture of Ben Simmons in a Rockets jersey with John Wall in a Sixers jerseyThe biggest debate on all of Rockets Twitter, should the Rockets actually go for Ben Simmons?

While all the general negatives have been talked about, ranging from Ben's bad contract to the Rockets giving up their future picks for a player who's just not really flexible on offense, here's 4 negatives that I barely saw anyone talk about:

  1. Development of Kevin Porter Jr. and Jalen Green - Having to worry about another player to develop (let's face it Ben Simmons needs more time to develop into what Stephen A. Smith calls "The next Lebron James"), doing this will result in less touches going to the 2 guys the Rockets have chosen to lead the franchise. Ben Simmons isn't really the best off-ball player as well, so having to take the ball away from 2 players who are really good primary ball handlers would be like taking away a pair of Travis Scott Jordan 1's from a sneaker collector, while the sneaker collector has a lot of shoes in his collection having those Travis Scott 1's is what set him/her apart from the others.
  2. It would massively ruin the Rockets chances at a top 3 pick - I am aware that a lot of people are against tanking this season but I am personally apart of the tank for Banchero team, Ben Simmons coming into this Rockets team will definitely make it better for next season but the Rockets will most likely be a 9th-12th seed team which isn't the aim at all in my opinion, lets say the Rockets get a player like Jabari Walker or Caleb Houstan with their pick instead of getting Banchero or Holmgren, this will most likely still mess up the timeline of signing a big name FA in the 2023 off season to play with Green, Porter Jr., and Banchero/Holmgren.
  3. A trade like this would limit any future trades - This point depends on if the Rockets give up a good amount of future picks for Ben Simmons, while right now Ben Simmons is the best trade target available (which says a lot on the state of the NBA trade market right now) but besides that, what if someone like Bradley Beal becomes available or someone like Luka getting impatient in 2 years (2023), the Rockets having a lot of trade capital is both a blessing and a curse, knowing that you can trade for whatever big star wants to leave or wants a change of culture is great and all, but knowing that there might be a better star that becomes available soon will always have the Rockets second guessing any potential trade offers.
  4. It will be a massive culture change to the Houston Rockets - While a change of culture is exactly why the Rockets brought in Rafael Stone and Stephen Silas, I still think the Rockets will stay a "live by the 3 die by the 3" team, not as extreme as the 2018 team that lead the league with 45.4 3 pointers attempted per game and the Pistons were 2nd with only 34.8 3PA, taking a look at last seasons 3PA the Rockets were 3rd with 40.6 3PA, Portland were second with 40.8 3PA and Utah were first with 43.0 3PA. Back to the main point is that Ben Simmons would just kill the 3PA stat and would force a very huge culture change that a lot of these young players might not be able to handle. Ben Simmons had a 0.1 3PA last season which would put him last on the Rockets right behind Ray Spalding who had 0.5 3PA.
In conclusion, having Ben Simmons would really ruin with the timeline of the rebuild that the Rockets are on currently, I am aware that a lot of people think that John Lucas and Stephen Silas can turn Ben Simmons around just like they did with KPJ, if Ben becomes a priority it could just ruin all the progress that we had with KPJ this past season. In addition, the Rockets will end up losing a good amount of draft capital and limiting themselves for the future with free agency and with potential trades.

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