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Team bonding, leadership important for Rockets’ success this season

A lot of discussion over team bonding and how the players connected with each other in the Bahamas. They believe building friendships is key to a successful season.

Houston Rockets Media Day Photo by Michael Starghill/Getty Images

The Houston Rockets’ first day of training camp in Galveston went as planned, as coach Stephan Silas seemed delighted after practice. Silas wants the players to be in “tip-top shape”, which is emphasized for the style of play this season, as the Rockets want to run a lot. But besides camp, the Rockets built their chemistry and leadership in the Bahamas. Jae’ Sean Tate helped orchestrate the reunion at the resort. He said:

“I think that was the point of going to the Bahamas, and the teams that win the most have a close bond. There is no way to get that if you’re only seeing each other two, three hours day at practice. So that’s the plan, we’re taking steps to that, and we’re still figuring each other out and we’re still taking it day-by-day.”

Silas even recognized the team bonding in the Bahamas and how beneficial it was, as there were a ton moving parts throughout last season. He mentioned:

“Their trip to the Bahamas was great for them to come together as a group and think about the young guys that we have; some come overseas coming to a situation where we have established guys and older guys, so for them to want to do that, and usually that’s a part where you’re thinking about your own game and thinking about your own skill development. But they were thinking about how are we going to come together as a group.”

It will be interesting to see how their team bonding will connect on the court while veteran leadership is important. Eric Gordon, D.J. Augustine, and John Wall must become more vocal to this young core. Although Wall won’t be suited for the Rockets this upcoming season, he’ll still have a voice. Gordon mentioned why it was important for him to be vocal this season. He said:

“My role doesn’t change, but I do have to speak up more. With a younger team, you have to focus in a lot more every day.”

Silas also loved how Wall was vocal throughout the first practice on Wednesday.

Jalen Green mentioned the importance of having Gordon and Wall on the team, and how he can depend on them if mistakes occur. He said:

“They all have been in the same situation before. Eric Gordon has been one of the leaders since James Harden was on this team. And John was the number one pick out of Kentucky. If I mess up, I will have someone to lean on.”

Hopefully, the leadership and team bonding add up for the upcoming season.