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Rockets begin 2022-23 pre-season against Spurs

And We’re Back! Talk all about it here.

Houston Rockets Media Day
JayGup Is Happy To Be Back
Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

And so it begins!

That’s right, the Rockets 2022-23 season is underway!

It’s not the regular season, but it’s basketball, and it’s not Vegas Summer League (as much as I like it.). It’s the whole Rockets team.

Odds are we won’t see the whole Rockets team play tonight, but we will see the Rockets begin the winnowing process for training camp.

We can’t expect polished basketball, but what can we expect?

We can (I hope) expect to see a brief appearance of what we’d assume to be the Rockets (eventual?) starting five - Porter, Green, Eason, Smith, Sengun.

If we DO see that lineup it’ll be something the Rockets haven’t boasted in quite some time - tall.

The shortest player is an easy 6’5”.

We can also expect to see what is a deep developmental bench: Christopher, Washington, Nix, Garuba and Fernando.

There are also veteran players we might encounter - Gordon, Tate, Favors, Matthews, and I suppose Harkless.

I don’t want to be accused of insanity, but if the young Rockets make a kind of leap, this is a deep team. If they don’t, well, they’ll make picks. Personally, I’m a little tired of starting seasons looking at the next draft. I’m a Rockets fan. This is not a basketball life to which I am accustomed.


Who are you most excited to see play tonight?

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