Can Preseason Results Say Something About The Upcoming Rockets NBA Season?

The rebuilding project at the Rockets will continue to unfold this season. The sports industry will once again see the team depend greatly on the young core. However, unlike the previous season, the budding talent in the team might actually find some more consistency in their performances in the 2022-23 season.

After 68 games in 14 days between 30 teams, the 2022-23 preseason came to an end. What can the preseason say about the Rockets’ upcoming NBA season? NBA betting fans are also busy working on their wagering strategies. You can visit The Sports Geek is an excellent site to help you choose a good betting site. This piece looks at what you can expect from the Houston Rockets.

The Big Q

It seems highly probable that the Rockets will improve during the 2022-23 season. However, the biggest question is – by how much? First, it is highly unlikely that they will perform worse than they did in the previous season. The young players, particularly the lottery picks, usually develop faster when they play more games.

However, the Rockets will compete in a Western Conference, which is expected to feature more postseason contenders than the rebuilding teams. In this sense, many NBA pundits claim that the Rockets will likely struggle to squeeze into the crowded playoff scene.

What’s The Season Prediction?

First, many Rockets fans expect the young core to make significant progress. They don’t predict the team laboring through multiple double-digit losing streaks like last season. However, the Rockets don’t seem ready to take off yet.

The Rockets got through October with all they could have hoped for from the preseason. For instance, the team won more games than they lost, and their defense looks more assured. The backcourt, manned by Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr., looked sharp. They also looked in sync, like in the late-season push that had the fans believing the partnership would be critical in the Rockets’ revival.

It is important to study before the test, but the test results usually speak for themselves. The youthful Rockets team, revamped with three first-round picks, will not wait for long to discover what they have learned.

The addition of Dejounte Murray has given the backcourt the much-needed recharge as he works next to fellow All-Star Trae Young. However, their biggest concern is how the team has changed since registering poor results in consecutive seasons.

According to Jalen Green, the team’s energy is better, and there is a stronger bond in the team this year. This optimism will help them have the fresh start they need. But, they will need time to develop the three rookies, Smith, Washington, Eason, and the three second-year players, Garuba and Sengun.

Therefore, fans expect to see improvement from last season as the younger players continue developing. But their long-term future looks promising. Moreover, they will have multiple assets to improve their roster next summer through the free agency and draft. This season’s projection for the team is Draft Lottery.

The Team

The projected starting five are:

  • Kevin Porter Jr.

  • Alperen Sengun

  • Jalen Green

  • Jabari Smith Jr.

  • Eric Gordon

The key reserves include:

  • Tari Eason

  • Josh Christopher

  • Usman Garuba

  • Jae Sean Tate

  • TyTy Washington Jr

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