How Will This Lakers Season End?

Last season did not go so well for the LA Lakers as they had to sit at home and watch the play-in. Even with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on their roster, they couldn’t go beyond a young Pelicans team. Injuries were among the main reasons the Lakers couldn’t make it to the Playoffs. Additionally, poor roster construction set them up for failure from the beginning of the season, significantly hampering their chances of reaching the Finals.

Lakers fans can be more optimistic because their team seems to have learned from last season’s mistakes. Their front office has enjoyed a better offseason setting the team to compete for the title. For those who wager on sports using betting sites not on GamStop some can consider them title contenders this season. Also, all will hope that LeBron James stays healthy to lead the team.

King James Is Pivotal

Suppose James does not stay healthy; it might be challenging for the team to be in the playoff race. Davis has not shown that he is capable of carrying the team. Moreover, the team is set up to work around James and Davis. Therefore, the Lakers can compete for the title if both stay healthy.

The Leagues Parity Gives Them a Chance

There is no super team in the league for the first time in a long time. The Nets have immense talent, and the Warriors are the defending champions, but there is no Durant Golden State Warriors or LeBron James - led Heat. The league has more parity than the NBA has experienced in a long time. Five to ten teams can make a legit championship argument.

Because there isn’t a title favorite that can scare the Lakers this season. Therefore, if James and Davis remain fit for a better part of the season, the Lakers can take down the defending champions. Without Durant, Golden State knows they can’t beat King James. So, the Lakers only need James to remain fit, and no team is better than them!

A Perfect Blend of Youth and Experience

The Lakers had a perfectly balanced unit when they clinched the bubble championship two seasons ago. They had experienced players who came on as substitutes to help the team win matches. The Lakers also boast of defensive-minded players like Patrick Beverley, Lonnie Walker, Kendrick Nunn, and Thomas Bryant.

These players give the team a defensive boost and offer unswerving offense, which gives the team a chance. They have had the perfect offseason that they required. The team had become slow, and their scoring was not consistent. However, the new additions will help to change that because they have been hustling and working hard to earn roles in their previous teams.

This is the perfect team for James and Davis to thrive as the stars leading a fantastic group of role players. The result is a team capable of helping the team win a second championship with James.

So, it seems all factors are working in favor of the Lakers winning the title this season. How do you think the Lakers season will end?

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