How the Houston Rockets Can Make this Season Great

The Houston Rockets are last in the Western Conference, with only three wins after 17 games. After John Wall's trade to the LA Clippers, Houston fans were ready for the rebuild with the young talented squad.

However, Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr efforts are great, but the team is still ranking low in major statistical categories.

So, what can the Rockets do to revive their season?

Limit Eric Gordon's Minutes

Eric Gordon is a veteran player on the Rocket's team. As much as he is essential in guiding young talent like Kenyon Martin or Jalen Green, he is inconsistent as a starter. He currently averages 12.9 ppg, and his 3-point percentage is 34% as a shooter.

The veteran can start from the bench, where he has had success in the past. He has won the 6th-man of the year (2017) and, at times, made game-changing plays to save the side.

Regarding the minutes, other rotational players like K.J. Martin can provide a reliable and versatile option from the bench.

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More Player Rotation

Houston could have a better starting lineup for each game night as a rebuilding team. They are yet to have a super-star quality player that the team can build around. Yes, Green and Porter are promising, but they need more help.

Rotating the players is a legit solution where the coach can allow more ball possession on new hands. With the process, he can also figure out the best starting squad for the rest of the season.

With rookie Jabari Smith performing relatively lower than expected, his minutes can be limited for a good bench player.

When players are young, rotation helps them discover their strengths in all game dynamics. Therefore, unloading 1 minute's worth of scoring workload for Green and Porter Jr might help them uncover their elite defensive or play-making skills.

Points From the Bench

The team's bench has performed dismally this season, with significant points coming from K.J. Martin and Usman Garuba. In their recent loss against the Golden State Warriors, Tari Eason had 19 points in 23 minutes.

Consistent performance from such players is key to helping the primary scorers rest. With time, they'll produce future starting options for the team.

Manage the Rookies and Recent Developed Players

Houston rookies are under no pressure to perform, but their performance still impacts the team's output. In the three wins, they have played well on both ends of the floor, despite playing notable opponents.

In the first win against Utah, Jabari Parker was excellent. He has, however, been inconsistent and can only receive a grade C- if ranked amongst all rookies. His minutes could be shared and given full playing time when he's fully ready.

The management of the second year, Alperen Şengün, is an example of how a well-managed rookie can turn out.

As the season is still young, the Rockets might have a solid Houston side ready to take over starting next season.


Winning the league trophy or reaching the playoffs might be far-fetched for the Rockets this season. However, they can have a better season from the All-star break if the team makes the necessary changes.

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