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Rockets practice news: Coach Silas speaks on the reasoning behind the Josh Christopher decision

Coach Silas gives explanation behind Josh Christopher decision

Philadelphia 76ers v Houston Rockets Photo by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

The Houston Rockets held a practice on Saturday in preparation for their game vs. the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday. The Rockets are probably coming off their worst loss of the year in their 118-109 defeat vs. the Spurs.

Coach Silas, Jabari Smith, and Kevin Porter Jr. talked to the media today after practice.

Coach Silas on the decision to send Josh Christopher to the Vipers

The Rockets recently made some moves regarding Ty Ty Washington and Josh Christopher. The Rockets recently brought Washington back after a 10-game stint in the G League, and last game, Washington got the first basket of his NBA career. They also sent Christopher down to the Vipers, surprising some.

Christopher had been out of the rotation most of the season, and to get Christopher more minutes and get his confidence back, the Rockets decided his time would be best spent with the Vipers. Here is Coach Silas on the decision to send Christopher down.

He needed to, to get out there and play. He needed to get his confidence back and, and just let it flow a little bit. He had a great game last night and he’s gonna play again today and then he’ll be back and we’ll see where it happens after that. But we talked, we’ve had a bunch of conversations about it and we value him so much that for him to get out of rhythm and for him to get spot minutes here and there made sense for him to be able to go on a back to back and play a couple games.

Christopher played his first game with the Vipers on Friday night. Vipers won their 8th straight game and Christopher played a big part in that win. Christopher finished with 35 points 9 assists and 7 rebounds. He did however have 7 turnovers and that goes to what Coach Silas said about decision making.

Silas also said that Christopher took well and did not see it as a demotion.

Absolutely, that, I mean, I love Josh, for him to want to go down and, and take the time to, and not have any kind of animosity or feel bad about it, just go down there and hoop and then get 35 last night. Shows a lot about what his character is and who he is as a person and a player. So, yeah, I mean, it’s not a demotion at all, and he doesn’t see it as a demotion, but sometimes they can see it as a demotion.

So, his perspective, his personality, everything about him is really good. Really good.

It doesn't seem Christopher will be down there for an extended time. Washington stayed ten games mainly because he had been out the entire preseason and part of the beginning of the regular season. The Rockets know that Christopher needs time on the court, but with KJ Martin Jr.'s improved play, Tari Eason taking some small forward minutes, and Eric Gordon still playing 30-plus minutes a game, it isn't a lot of minutes left right now.

It seems that Coach Silas and the front office still believe in Christopher and are hoping he has the same bounceback he did after last year's short stint with the Vipers.