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Rockets lose to Mavs after Luka’s Magical 50 point performance

This one hurts...

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This game was an emotional roller coaster, fans of both the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks sat on their couch last night going through a wide range of emotions.

However, for the Rockets fanbase this cycle went in the direction of optimism, annoyance, dissatisfaction, joy, anxiousness to disappointment.

Most of rednation knew this would be a tough game for this young Rockets team to get a win.

Yes the Mavericks were dealing with injuries and have been underperforming. However, anytime you go against a top 10 player you're in for a battle.

In the beginning of the game the fans were rather optimistic, as Houston started off hot shooting 64 percent from the field with 13-18 lead.

Towards the end of the first quarter the optimism transformed into annoyance as Kevin Porter Jr. logged three fouls and lost the lead due to poor rotations.

The second quarter more of the same, annoyance eventually evolved into dissatisfaction due too much Daishen Nix lineups and terrible perimeter shooting.

The once red hot Rockets was now shooting a lowly 38 percent from the floor complemented with 25 percent three point shooting. While the Mavs are making a mockery of the defense shooting 40 percent from downtown and making nearly 50 percent of all their shots.

Despite it sounding like all was lost, Houston was only down 11 points to Dallas heading into Halftime.

As soon as the third quarter opened up the rockets went on 11-0 run that sparked 34 point quarter for the comeback.

Joy filled the Toyota Center as Kenyon Martin Jr. glided through the air to land forceful slam, all while witnessing Jalen Green having a hot 13 point quarter.

Heading into the fourth quarter, there was a lot of anxiousness. Although, Houston has done a great job displaying resilience. The issue was Luka Doncic no matter who they put on him just did whatever he wanted, when he wanted.

Houston put up a good fight as Jabari Smith led the team with 8 points in the fourth quarter and hit some timely baskets.

It just wasn’t enough to rise above a Luka Doncic 50 & 10 performance, It was if it was scripted for the Dallas superstar to hit a dagger from outer space.

Was this game winnable? Of course!

This loss may be dissapointing, but these are the games that develop a team to become a playoff contender in the future.

With that being said, Houston hopes take the next few days to reset and learn from their mistakes as they are primed take on the Chicago Bulls on December 26.