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Interview with Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer on potential Rockets trades

Lachard Binkley sat down with Jake and got all the goods.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline is approaching fast, which means you will start to hear a lot of rumors flying around the league. I had Jake Fischer on my podcast, and he had some interesting comments on a few of the possible Houston Rockets who could be traded by next week's deadline.

Takeaways from Jake Fischer interview

Jake Fischer spoke about Eric Gordon, Christian Wood, and even John Wall during the podcast. Along with several vets on the bench. When speaking of Christian Wood, Fischer stated the Rockets hold him in very high regard considering they moved Jared Allen because they didn't think they were a fit next to each other.

Also that teams around the league don't hold Christian Wood in the same high regard, specifically because of him playing on losing teams his entire career. The Miami Heat were discussed last week, but there hasn't been much chatter at all this week about a possible trade to South Beach.

Fischer said the Rockets have already been offered Ricky Rubio and a second-round pick, but they turned it down when discussing Eric Gordon. Also, he believes if the Rockets were offered a first for Gordon, they would have already made the deal. It also seems the Rockets wouldn't have a problem holding on to Gordon past the deadline. Talking to Jake, it seems the Rockets are confident that they can get a first-round pick for Gordon.

There is nothing new on the John Wall front, as he is still not interested in a buyout at this point, and the Rockets, of course, would still be interested in a Westbrook and Wall swap if the Lakers would offer their 2027 first-round pick and Westbrook would possibly agree to a buyout.

Other notable topics discussed were if there was any interest in any of the Rockets veterans, and Fischer said that several teams are interested in Daniel Theis especially considering the high price of players like Domantas Sabonis of the Pacers. As a result, the Rockets could probably expect a second-round pick back for Theis, who outside of Gordon is the most likely player to be traded by next week.

We also discussed James Harden and the possibility he will not be back for the Nets next season, which of course could directly affect the Rocket's future draft picks.

It was a lot more in the podcast from my talk with Jake Fischer so make sure to check out The Launch Pad Podcast for the entire interview.