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VOTE: Are you watching the NCAA Tourney to scout potential Rockets picks?

Houston could be picking high. Will that influence your decision to watch March Madness?

NCAA Basketball: South Carolina at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

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It’s been official for a while now: the Rockets are stinky. That beings said, there is some excitement coming up in that the team will be jockeying for a top lottery position, and there is some really good talent at the top of this year’s draft.

In years past, the Rockets were known for trading away their first rounders. Before last year’s four-player haul, Houston hadn’t had a first round pick since Sam Dekker in 2015. The tourney was just for fun or for gambling. Now it could be for another reason. We want to know if you will be more likely to be watching March Madness this year now that scouting prospects is on the table. Give us your answer below.

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