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Houston Rockets vs. Sacramento Kings game preview

Sacramento Kings v Houston Rockets

Tonight’s game between the Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings is probably the biggest one left on Houston’s schedule. The rest of their games should (but may not) come against teams with something to play for.

The other big game tonight is between the Detroit Pistons and Oklahoma City Thunder. An OKC win almost guarantees them the fourth-worst record, which isn’t a terrible spot but carries with it a chance to drop to eighth. A Detroit win probably means the Pistons aren’t fully tanking, and OKC could sneak into the bottom 3 without a tiebreaker. We’ll see, as both of these teams have won recently but have shown a penchant for finding ways to inexplicably lose games they could have won.

Houston basically did that on Wednesday night, finding a way to score 103 points through 36 minutes only to score just 15 in the final 12. Houston outshot the Kings from deep and grabbed seven extra rebounds, but turning the ball over 18 times and sending the Kings to the line 36 times was a successful tanking recipe.

As with all these games down the stretch, we’ll be glad that Houston lost them when Mark Davis is opening envelopes on May 17. For now, it’s nice to see Jalen Green turning in nice performances and some of the other youngsters showing their skills.

Tip-off is at 7pm CT on AT&T SportsNet Southwest