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Draymond Green is right (that was painful) about the Jalen Green/Bill Simmons situation

TDS agreeing with Dray? There’s a first time for everything.

Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets Photo by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

Draymond Green is right. That is something you thought you would never see on a Houston Rockets site. Green is right that people like Bill Simmons shouldn't be able to determine players' future earnings, especially when they seem to bring personal feelings into the equation.

A few weeks ago, Simmons said f*** Jalen Green when speaking on Herb Jones vs. Jalen Green for the First Team All-Rookie squad. An ally came from an unlikely source in Draymond Green.

If you are a Rockets fan or even just an NBA fan, you know why I say he is an unlikely ally. For years, the Rockets and Warriors engaged in hotly contested playoff battles that never went the Rockets’ way. So of course, you had the normal suspect that you despised as a Rocket fan. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were right at the top of the list, but Draymond Green was in a class of his own.

He was an easy target for Rockets fans, from his constant trash-talking to his on-the-court antics (like scratching James Harden in the face). So to hear him come to the defense of Jalen Green was a bit of a surprise. The statement Draymond made, though, was 100 percent correct.

It's one thing for media members to have votes that determine if players make All-Star teams or regular-season awards. But at the end of the day, those awards don't change anything on the court. The issue is that these same votes are part of every player's contract. So for instance, when Jayson Tatum didn't make the All NBA team, he lost out on approximately $32 million dollars long-term because that is one of the stipulations in his contract.

This particular situation about Jalen Green concerns because if Green doesn't make the first team, he will never be eligible for a super-max contract one day. That may not mean anything to the average fan, but it means everything for players whose future earnings are tied to making these regular season first or second teams. So for Simmons to take the route he took, it seemed like it wasn't only about basketball but whatever personal feeling he had about Jalen Green.

Some may say he is joking, and it's not a big deal, but this is a pattern for Simmons, especially when discussing the Rockets. Draymond Green said that the entire process needs to be changed from a media vote to more of a panel, and that makes sense. Some people in the national media let their personal bias against a player cloud their basketball judgment. After all, they are human and it’s bound to happen, but when it is this blatant, that's when it becomes a big problem.

Green will never be a favorite of Rockets fans, and for a good reason, but in this scenario, he was right on the mark.