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Rockets reportedly “intrigued” by Jaden Ivey at three

Could Houston make a surprise choice?

Syndication: The Record William Bretzger-The Record / USA TODAY NETWORK

The top three draft choices have long been thought to be pretty etched in stone, with Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith, and Paolo Banchero figured to be the top three is some order depending on the team and their needs. Many have the Houston Rockets lined up for Banchero.

However, a recent report by ESPN suggests that the Rockets are considering Jaden Ivey with their number three pick, and are supposedly “intrigued” about putting Ivey alongside Jalen Green in what they would consider the most explosive backcourt in the NBA.

The Rockets pick third in what many consider to be a three-player draft, making this a relatively easy choice on face value. (Jaden) Ivey’s candidacy is also under consideration here, as the idea of constructing arguably the most explosive backcourt in the NBA is said to be intriguing for Rockets brass.

It’s important to remember that this is draft misinformation season, so who knows how much weight this report holds, but it’s also essential to note that the Oklahoma City Thunder are also reportedly interested in Ivey as well.

Some reports also have the Rockets interested in a trade down, so this could all be efforts to keep rival teams off of Houston’s scent, but I am curious to know what you guys would think if this happens?

Do you y’all think this report holds weight and how would you feel if Houston drafted Ivey instead of one of the consensus top three? Tell us in the comments!