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BREAKING: Rockets select Jabari Smith Jr. third overall in 2022 NBA Draft

It was an interesting start to the night, but one that turned out well for Houston.

Syndication: USA TODAY Jake Crandall / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Houston Rockets finally got their pick tonight, after days of rumor and speculation, and they selected Jabari Smith Jr. third overall in the 2022 NBA Draft.

After weeks of thinking Houston would get Paolo Banchero, he went first overall to the Orlando Magic and then the Oklahoma City Thunder took Chet Holmgren second overall, leaving Smith to the Rockets.

This was an unexpected scenario for the Rockets, but a good one, in my opinion, as I feel Smith was the clear best player in the draft. He has elite shooting and elite defense and should be a fantastic complement to Jalen Green. If he reaches his ceiling, he will be everything the Rockets had hoped Christian Wood would be.

This is an absolute win for the Rockets as far as I’m concerned, as Smith is the kind of guy who can fit in just about anywhere, especially a team like the Rockets who need all of the skills that Smith brings to the table.

Concerns about his handle are overblown, and Rockets fans should enjoy the most NBA-ready prospect in this entire draft, maybe in the last two drafts.

It’s a good night in my book!