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Last Game Of Summer League

Combo Post?

2022 NBA Rookie Portraits
Alas, poor Wilson, I knew him well, a ball of infinite jest.
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Who loves ya, baby?

Xiane loves you.

Xiane saw you crying out “Where is our thread? Who will post it? Who cares enough?”

Xiane does.

Just got home, and it was as if dozens, perhaps fewer, were crying out.

The ancient Greeks classified love in many ways, and had specific words for them.

The 7 Greek words for different types of love

  • Eros: romantic, passionate love.
  • Philia: intimate, authentic friendship.
  • Erotoropia or ludus: playful, flirtatious love.
  • Storge: unconditional, familial love.
  • Philautia: compassionate self-love.
  • Pragma: committed, companionate love.
  • Agápe: empathetic, universal love.

We can add another one here -

Η σωστή αγάπη των συναδέλφων οπαδών των Rockets

The proper love of fellow Rockets fans.


Who loves ya, baby?

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  • 8%
    Also Xiane
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  • 74%
    This answer, too, is Xiane.
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