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#3 Pick Rockets vs #2 Pick Thunder

Chet! Jabari! Refs! Other Guys! Mostly Refs!

2022 NBA Draft
No Purple Suits Here
Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome to Rockets Vegas Summer League Game Two!

Today we have NBA Podcaster #1 Man Crush & Early Entry Hall of Famer Chet (not Chester) Holmgren versus Jabari Smith, The Man Who Would Be #1, but was #3.

Don’t say the NBA won’t give you the matchups you want in Summer League! We’ve gotten Paolo and now it’s Chet.

OKC has cornered the market on very tall, very skinny, guys who can do many things, and may even be able to do one thing very well, such as Josh Giddey with passing. Is this a winning strategy? Who knows? The Thunder, to all appearances seem content to tank forever. Surely that will change, as Thunder GM Scrooge McDuck Sam Presti tires of diving into his giant pool of draft picks and swimming around.

Anyway, the Thunder have them all - Poku, Chet, Giddey, Ousman Dieng, Jaylen Williams, and probably some more I’ve forgotten. The Rockets don’t have Mr. Plow, Kenny Lofton Jr, to rumble through them, so we’ll see what happens.

From the Rockets, I’d like to see a bit more organization, more featuring of Jabari Smith, more minutes for Ty Ty Washington, and fewer for Daishen Nix, unless he looks a lot better, and Tari Eason going to the rack, rather than putting up the Early Lonzo Tribute 3pt Shot.

The recap will be up late as I’m going to see a movie, in a theatre, for the first time in a long, long, time. I know, you’re thrilled for me.


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