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Jalen Green gets Dream Shake from camper and more Rockets videos of the week

Highlights from Green’s weekend were on display.

Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets Photo by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

So how cool is this? Houston Rockets star guard Jalen Green recently held a youth basektball camp at Hoover High School in Fresno, Calififornia. The camp featured students from the first grade up to the eighth grade.

A clip hit the Twitterverse this weekend where Green was lined up one-on-one with a camper, with Green playing defense, and the young baller hit Green with a mini version of a move we should all recognize.

In case you’re wondering, that’s a Dream Shake. Now I don’t know if that’s how that kid picked up that move, but Hakeem Olajuwon certainly was the OG of that one. Would be pretty cool, though, if the younger generation was actually watching Dream for this stuff.

And in a more compelling Jalen Green video, there’s some highlights circulating of Green, teammate Josh Christopher, Scottie Barnes, Marjon Beauchamp, and Brandon Boston getting some run in together this weekend, and Green looks absolutely fantastic.

Granted, it’s just pickup, but that looked like a Green mixtape at times. Certainly makes me exicted for what the young shooting guard has to offer this year.

Barnes and Beauchamp also joined Green at his camp. No word if they caught a Dream Shake as well.